Just Answer Your Phone

Super Hot Prospects

According to a survey done in 2016 by the National Association of Realtors, 36% of sellers are searching the Internet for a real estate agent.

Our goal is to encourage a significant number of these sellers to call you!

You won’t have to email prospects.

You won’t have to call prospects.

Prospects will call you!


Because we are promoting you as the best real estate agent in your area.

These are hot, exclusive, seller listing leads wanting to talk to YOU!

Just answer your phone!

Option for Multiple Ring-Through Numbers

If you are occasionally away from your phone due to meetings or a busy schedule, we can set up your website phone numbers to ring two or more numbers simultaneously. Whoever answers the phone first takes the call.

This is handy if you have assistants to work for you making sure you don't miss a call.

We have found that if customers call and get VM or no answer, they will call the next agent on the search page within 2 minutes. Frequently they will not leave a message, and you can miss a $10,000 call.

They want you NOW!

Our Approach is Totally Different

We make you famous so clients will call you! This builds your branding and establishes your name in the community on a long term basis. Other referral services make themselves famous, receive the calls, and pass the leads onto you. 

But we don’t stop there in your community. We make you famous worldwide. When someone from another city or state or country searches for a real estate agent in your city, your name will be at the top.

We generate seller and buyer leads with an emphasis on seller leads. Other services generate primarily buyer leads. 

We invest in you for long term results. Other services invest in themselves and keep you on a string. They want to keep you in the shadows so they can continue to sell you leads. 

We promote you as the best and make you the most famous real estate agent in each of your cities.

We get paid at closing whereas most referral services charge up front for questionable leads that may never materialize. 

The big difference is we make the agents famous, not our service. 

We provide long term results that will build your career and reputation as the best real estate agent in your cities. 

We invest heavily in each agent before we make any money ourselves.

We are totally different than any other lead referral service! 

We will make you famous! 

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