Purchase Website and Video

A website and video will be customized for you per our specifications. Each website and video will be built on the same platform as Judy’s website.

If you search in Google for best real estate agent Garland TX, you should see Judy Vessels near the top in the (1) maps as well as see (2) her website and (3) her video on the first page of Google. The number of total search results and where Judy appears in the search results will vary depending on which area of the country the search is done. There are over 1,100 real estate agents in Garland TX, a city of 234,000.

My estimation is that it will take 60-90 days to get your website ranked high enough to start receiving seller listing phone calls. The time delay depends on the search engine competition in your area. The seller referrals should start off slowly and gradually increase over time. When you answer the call you will first hear a whisper message that says “referral from Ellene” before you say hello. That’s how you will know the referral is from me.

In order to begin work on your seller referrals, you should first subscribe for your website and video. This website and video have a true value of several thousand dollars, but I will have them created and hosted for just $99 per month. You may cancel at anytime, but it is best to subscribe now before the price increases to $159 per month.

The subscription purchase is for your monthly use of our customized website and video. The subscription purchase is not for any referrals. The subscription purchase is non-refundable and is automatically recurring until you cancel through your PayPal account.

After you have subscribed for the website and video, it will take 2 weeks for them to be ready and online on the Internet. My team will then begin setting up the infrastructure to generate seller listing referrals for you!

My goal is to generate seller listing referrals for you in order to earn my 25% referral fee!

After subscribing, please email the following information to me at elleneleighreferrals@gmail.com so that we can begin work on your seller referrals without delay.

(1) Mailing address and cell phone number.
(2) Photo of yourself.
(3) Optional attachments (in PDF format if you want any linked forms in the footer).

Ellene Leigh Referrals

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