Our Agreement

My Goal to Send You Referrals

I will use my best efforts to send you referrals for your particular cities.

You'll know the referral is from me when you receive the phone call because you'll hear a whisper message that says “referral from Ellene” before you say hello. After you hear the whisper message, immediately say your greeting. The caller will hear ringing until just after you hear the whisper message.

Your Financial Responsibility

When a referral that I send to you actually closes the transaction, you agree to include my sponsoring broker as the referring broker due the referral fee from your side of the transaction.

My sponsoring broker is to be paid at closing by the title company.

Your Customer Service Quality Responsibility

Your job is to answer your calls in your most client-friendly voice. Use your seasoned expertise to help your clients either LIST their homes, or help them BUY their homes.

It is critical how you answer the phone or create your voice mail message. When you answer the phone, or create your voice mail message, you should do so with friendly, professional enthusiasm. First impressions are very important!

You may have only one chance at a referral worth thousands of dollars. If you don’t answer or return the call very soon, it is likely that the referral will seek a different real estate agent.

If you are frequently unavailable to answer your phone, you may want to consider using “multiple ring-to numbers”. We can set up multiple phone numbers to which the call will ring simultaneously to you and your associated agents. Whichever phone picks up the call first handles the referral. This provides a rapid response time for your referrals.

It is always best to receive calls directly to your cell phone. Sometimes a second cell phone is handy for this purpose if your primary cell phone receives a lot of personal calls.

Always mention the name of your business whenever you or one of your associates answers the phone so that the referrals know immediately that they have called the correct number.

Your phone should be answered something like this: Hello, this is Sally with Sally Thomas Real Estate. How may I help you today?

Your voice mail message should be something like this: Hello, this is Sally with Sally Thomas Real Estate. Your call is very important to me and I will return it as soon as possible. Please leave your name and phone number and I will call you back as quickly as I can. I am looking forward to helping you!

Ellene Leigh Referrals
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