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Referrals for Real Estate Agents

We are very effective at sending exclusive listing referrals to real estate agents in the US and Canada.

These real estate agents rely on my team to generate referrals for them. In return, these agents pay me a referral fee at closing.  I am a licensed real estate agent in Texas. My focus is on seller listing referrals. 

We are usually on the first page of Google out of millions of search results. This is an indication of the success we expect to have for your websites and your seller listing referrals. 

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We will set up the infrastructure and do the daily, recurring, complex, proprietary work required to send you seller listing referrals. This set up includes quality high-speed servers, hundreds of social media campaigns, search engine research optimization, and ongoing advertising promotions with multiple platforms.

It makes no difference if you already have a website because we will design new, mobile-friendly, websites and videos for you that will be effective for generating referrals specifically for you in your cities.  Your websites and videos are designed to be ranked at the top of the search engines, just like my own website and videos are ranked at the top. 

Major Advantages of Listing Referrals

The advantages of seller listing referrals over buyer referrals are fourfold and extremely significant.

Financial certainty advantage: You are almost guaranteed to make money with seller listings because you have a contract with a real client who has a real home to sell versus a buyer who is questionably able to make a purchase. A possible buyer may just be kicking tires and can easily switch agents on a whim. Why risk working for nothing with buyers when you can have much greater financial certainty with sellers?

Double commissions advantage: Your commissions can be much greater when you work with a seller. When you get a listing from a seller, you are almost guaranteed to be hired to find a new home for the seller who then becomes a known-quantity buyer, most likely qualified, and nearly a sure thing. If the seller will be moving out of the area, you can at least obtain a referral fee by referring your client to a top real estate agent in that area. Why work for single commissions with buyers when you can earn double commissions with sellers?

Time savings advantage: Your time investment is dramatically less with seller listings because you do not have to drive all over town showing houses to questionable buyers who may never close a deal. And other agents can even show your seller listings for you. Why waste your valuable time with buyers when you can spend your time with sellers?

Physical safety advantage: Your physical safety is infinitely better with seller listings because you are dealing with a real home owner at a known location versus a potential buyer from who knows where. In most cases you have no idea who the buyer is or anything about his background. Why take unnecessary risks with buyers when you can be so much safer with sellers? Protect your finances, your time, and your safety! My goal is to provide listing referrals for you!

How Many Referrals will you Receive?

The number of listing referrals that we can generate for you depends primarily on two factors in your cities:

(1) the total number of current listings, and,

(2) the average number of days that homes have been on the market.

According to a survey done by the National Association of Realtors in 2016, 36% of sellers are searching the Internet for a real estate agent.

To calculate the size of this group, the formula would look like this:

(total number of current listings) x (365 days in a year) / (average number of days on the market) x 36%.

So, in the case of a typical city (or surrounding area) of 200,000 population, with 1,000 current listings and an average of 90 days on the market, the formula would be:

1,000 (current listings) x 365 (days per year) / 90 (average days on market) x 36% / 52 (weeks per year). This calculates to be a potential of 28 exclusive listing referrals per week.

My goal is to refer a significant number of that group to you!

How to Calculate my Referral Fee

Assume I refer a client to you and the transaction closes. 

If the sales price of the home is $200,000 and the commission for your broker is 3%, then your broker would gross $6,000. 

My broker would earn a referral fee of 25% x $6,000 = $1,500 at closing. This amount would be split per the agreement between me and my broker. 

The remaining $4,500 of the commission would be split per the agreement between you and your broker. 

My goal is to find experienced real estate agents who provide professional customer service to their clients, and answer the phone on the first ring!