Two Cities for the Price of One

We produce leads from an agent’s primary city of interest as well as from one additional, smaller, nearby town. Our program includes creating and hosting the agent’s websites and videos, lead generation, and optional Google business listings for two cities.

For each agent we build a custom website and video designed to rank much faster, and provide leads faster, than any website the agent may already possess. All the agent needs to provide is a profile picture. The agent can continue to use or create any other websites since this will not impact the work that we do.

Super Hot Leads

You won’t have to email prospects. You won’t have to call prospects.

Prospects will call you! Why?

Because we are marketing you as the best real estate agent in your area.

These are hot, exclusive, seller listing leads wanting to talk to YOU!

Just answer your phone!

Our Approach is Unique

We make agents famous so clients will call them! Other referral services make themselves famous, receive the calls, and pass the leads onto the agents.

We generate seller and buyer leads with an emphasis on seller leads. Other services generate primarily buyer leads.

When our lead prospects call agents to list their homes, they are already “sold” on the agents. That’s the biggest difference between us and other lead providers. Our prospects see the agents ranked at the top in Google and are simply hoping that the agents will have the time to handle the sale of their homes. We provide long term results that will build the agents’ careers and reputations as the best real estate agents in their selected cities.

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