How Our Program Works

According to a survey done in 2016 by the National Association of Realtors, 36% of sellers are searching the Internet for a real estate agent.

Our goal is to encourage a significant number of these sellers to call you! You won’t have to email prospects. You won’t have to call prospects. Prospects will call you! Why? Because we are promoting you as the best real estate agent in your area. These are hot, exclusive, seller listing leads wanting to talk to YOU!

Just answer your phone!

Prominent Search Results for Agents

You can search in Google for “finest real estate agent Little Elm TX”.

You will probably see our client’s website, Chad Odom’s Little Elm website, near the top in the maps. You might also see his website on the first page of Google below the maps.

You might also see one of Chad Odom’s videos on the first page of Google for videos. Today his Little Elm video is ranked number 1 and 3.

You may also find Chad Odom’s website in Google searches for
superb real estate agent Little Elm TX
outstanding real estate agent Little Elm TX

The total number of search results and exactly where Chad Odom’s website and video appears in the search results will vary from day-to-day depending on the area of the country in which the search is done and the number of Ads appearing before the real search results.

We can make you famous!

This demonstrates just one of over 500 proprietary methods that we employ to provide you with seller listing referrals. Most of our methods use hundreds of social media platforms.

Custom Website and Video

Your agent website and video will be customized per our specifications to match your city. Each website and video will be built on the same platform as Chad Odom’s website.

Limited Participation

We invest heavily in each agent before we make any money ourselves. We are totally different than any other lead referral service!

We provide these positions to qualified agents who are serious about the real estate business and with whom we can have a mutually beneficial financial relationship. Qualified agents should have extensive experience with seller listings or have a desire to focus their business on seller listings.

Steps to Apply for our Program

Please send the following to [email protected]

(1)Your name, mailing address, city, state, zip, cell phone number, and company name.

(2) A high quality photo of yourself which is very important for your website.

(3) Briefly describe your experience with seller listings.

(4) Texas agents only: include a copy of your IABS which we will place on your website.

(5) Let us know if you would prefer a small monthly fee rather than paying a 25% referral fee.

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