Service Plans and Pricing

According to a survey done in 2016 by the National Association of Realtors, 36% of sellers are searching the Internet for a real estate agent.

Our goal is to encourage a significant number of these sellers to call you! You won’t have to email prospects. You won’t have to call prospects. Prospects will call you! Why? Because we are promoting you as the best real estate agent in your area. These are hot, exclusive, seller listing leads wanting to talk to YOU!

Just answer your phone!

We Get Results

Example Websites and Videos: Your agent websites and videos will be customized per our specifications to match your cities. Each website and video will be built on the same platform as Chad Odom’s website.

Search Results: You can search in Google for finest real estate agent Little Elm TX by clicking on this link.

You will probably see Chad Odom near the top in the maps. You might also see his website on the first page of Google below the maps.  You might also see his video on the first page of YouTube

The total number of search results and exactly where Chad Odom appears in the search results will vary from day to day depending on the area of the country in which the search is done and the number of Ads appearing before the real search results.

You may also find Chad Odom in Google searches for
superb real estate agent Little Elm TX
outstanding real estate agent Little Elm TX

We can make you famous!

This demonstrates just one of over 500 proprietary methods that we employ to provide you with seller listing referrals. Most of our methods use hundreds of social media platforms.

Projections: It usually takes 90–150 days to start getting results after you select a service plan. The seller referrals should start off slowly and gradually increase over time. Our service plans are for your monthly use of our customized websites and videos.

Agreement Terms

Purpose and Parties: Ellene Leigh Referrals, the referring real estate agent of NB Elite Realty Group, LLC (hereinafter, “Ellene”) will attempt to send prospective real estate buyers and sellers (hereinafter, “prospects”) to the real estate agent receiving these prospects, and to that agent’s broker (hereinafter, both of which are the “client”). For these prospects, the client agrees to pay Ellene a referral fee as described below.

A broker may enter into this agreement alone as both agent and broker. An agent agrees that the agent has approval of broker to enter into this agreement.

Client: This refers to the agent receiving prospects and to the receiving agent’s broker.

Prospects: These are prospective buyers and sellers of real estate referred to the client by Ellene. Client will know prospects are referred by Ellene when the client receives a phone call that begins with a “whisper message” that says “referral from Ellene.”

Referral Fee: The referral fee is based on a percentage of the full gross commission that the client’s broker receives from any real estate transaction involving prospects.

Time of Payment of Referral Fee: Client agrees to arrange, with client’s current broker at the time of closing of the transaction, for the title company or client’s broker, to pay the referral fee to Ellene via Ellene's broker at closing of the transaction via wire transfer or other suitable method approved by Ellene.

Duration of Client Obligation to Ellene regarding Prospects: Client agrees to pay the referral fee on any real estate transaction involving prospects during a 24-month period following the initial phone call received by the client from the prospect, even if that 24-month period goes beyond the initial 5-year term during which Ellene agrees to send prospects to the client. For example, if the client receives a prospect during year four, that client has a referral fee obligation that extends into year six.

Referral Fee Percentage: Client agrees to pay Ellene 25%.

Service Plan Details

Subscription Plan: The subscription plan requires that the client pay a monthly subscription fee for 7 months. During this 7-month period, and thereafter, the client agrees to pay Ellene a 25% referral fee per the terms described herein, regardless of when the closings occur within the 24-month period following the initial phone calls received by the client from the prospects.

Additional Agreements: Client agrees to execute any additional agreements necessary to accomplish the terms of this agreement.

Receiving Broker: Client agrees that the receiving broker information entered by the client at the bottom of this agreement is current. Since the receiving broker may change in the future, the client agrees that this agreement shall apply to the client’s current receiving broker at the time of closing of any real estate transactions referenced in this agreement.

Term of Agreement: This agreement shall endure for a 5-year term unless terminated early by either party.

Obligations of Client beyond the Initial Term of this Agreement or after early Termination of this Agreement: At any time during this 5-year term the client may terminate this agreement and stop accepting prospects from Ellene but the client agrees to continue to pay the referral fee to Ellene for any prospects already received from Ellene according to the terms of this agreement.

Let’s Get Started!

My goal is to make you rich and famous!

That is how I earn my referral fees!

Limited Participation

We invest heavily in each agent before we make any money ourselves. We are totally different than any other lead referral service!

We generally limit our program to only 3 agents per city. We provide these positions to qualified agents who are serious about the real estate business and with whom we can have a mutually beneficial financial relationship. Qualified agents should have extensive experience with seller listings and have a desire to focus their business on seller listings.

First Steps to Apply for our Program

Please send the following information to
[email protected]

(1) Cell phone number.

(2) A high quality photo of yourself. Very important for your websites!

(3) We generally work with only 3 agents per city, so the chosen cities need to be available. We will let you know right away if we already have 3 agents for a city you select.

(4) Briefly describe your experience with seller listings.

(5) If you will send me the name and email address of your broker to add to the agent agreement, I will forward you a copy of the agent agreement to review. If you are also the broker, just let me know and I’ll send you the broker agreement instead.

Second Steps After Acceptance to our Program

(1) We will notify you if your application has been approved or rejected within a few days after you apply.

(2) Acceptance depends on the availability of your selected cities and your experience level.

(3) Upon acceptance, we will send you an agreement to sign. The agreement has the same terms and conditions as the one noted above.

(4) Please do not purchase a Service Plan until after you have been approved and signed the agreement. After you have signed the agreement, you will need to purchase a Service Plan.

(5) After you have signed the agreement and purchased a Service Plan, we will begin working on your project.

Service Plans Summary


$ 899 month for the first 7 months
  • 1 Website and Video
25% Referral Fees during the first 7 months, and thereafter

Ellene Leigh Referrals
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